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One of the world’s largest mountains is Mount Everest that has been attracting several visitors towards the Everest Base Camp trekking that is located in the Nepal region. Nepal is popular for wonderful mountain peaks where every visitor can enjoy the beauty of hills. Trekking is a wonderful experience in the mountains of Everest which is very great. While trekking one has to go through several ridges and trails to reach the mountain peak. During the trek one can get sufficient time to have their snacks which they carry along with them, and besides there are also small stalls from where they can also avail the food stuffs.

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Of course, the guide who will be accompanying the group will give you proper instructions, which has to be followed very religiously and strictly. If you follow their instructions then the journey will not be tiresome. During the trek if you lose the track and get lost then the people of the village will help you to reach the spot safely as they are very helpful. Once you reach the peak they have lodging and eating arrangement also. The best season to visit Everest Base Camp is during March to May and not during the winter, because of heavy snowfall that will block the way which will make the trek difficult for the trekkers.

Annapurna Base Camp trekking: Is one of the safe trekking, it offers you the beautiful sceneries that will keep you surprising making you feel highly delighted and leaving you breathless. You can enjoy the energizing fresh mountain air while you are fully engrossed with astonishing views of Annapurna Base camp trek. Hiking in the serene mountains truly is a blessing and with the presence of the Himalaya it is an additional boon to the beauty.

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Everest Panorama Trek is for those people who are interested in seeing Everest within short time. Everest Panorama trek offers the best trekking experience in Nepal and reach within short period especially those who do not have sufficient time to go for Everest base camp. This trek is a short trek but offers very scenic views taking you up to the monastery which is about 3850m. From here you can get to view the world’s highest peaks, including Everest and many more. Here the temperature is very often -10degrees celcius. Therefore it is advisable to carry winter clothing along with you.

Trekking is one such adventure sport which attracts a lot of people toward it and hence as a result more and more people are now going towards this adventure sport of trekking. It is a challenging yet exciting sport which makes the trekking even more exciting. There are a lot of places in the whole world where trekkers can go and enjoy their trek but most popular of the trekking places are located in Nepal. There are a various trekking places in Nepal where a trekker can go and have a lifetime experience of trekking.

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Annapurna Circuit Trekking

This trekking is one of the most challenging and most amazing treks in Nepal. That is why this Annapurna Circuit Trekking is very famous among the trekkers all over the world. It is done in the Annapurna region and hence offers you a lot of eye pleasing landscapes and other views of nature that will leave you awestruck. The total length of this trek circuit includes around 160 km to 230 km and it depends that which mode transport a trekker is using and at which place he is ending his trek. All these things are included in the itinerary of this circuit trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking

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Manaslu circuit trekking is a very famous circuit trek and hence this trek is done by a lot of trekkers. It is one of the best circuit treks in the Himalayan region and is one of the biggest and the greatest alternative of the Annapurna circuit trek. Different amazing sites would come your way when you will be doing this Manaslu Circuit Trekking and hence this trek can be a treat to your eyes. The cost of this circuit trek is also quite cheaper than the other treks making it easier for the people to afford this.

Everest Panorama Trek

A lot of treks are considered to be very physically challenging and hence it is not easy for a person to do them easily as It requires proper training but Everest Panorama Trek is an easy trek as compared to the other treks which are available for the people. That is why a lot of people prefer this Everest panorama trek over other difficult treks. A lot of beginner trekkers love to trek here as it becomes easy for them to understand and enjoy the trekking here at Everest Panorama Trek.

No doubt Nepal is one of the most visited countries in this world. Though small in dimension, this tiny country has everything to allure sightseers from each and every country of the globe. It does not matter whether you are nature lover or passionate about hiking, Nepal has plenty of resources to meet the needs of tourists of every kind. If you want to experience the best of Nepal, then considering a helicopter tour over the Himalayas might be a good option for you.

Taking a helicopter trip over the Himalayas is truly a superb adventure, filled with breathtaking scenery and great peaks. You can witness from air the incredible panoramas of the Himalayas. The variety of destinations for Everest helicopter tour in Nepal make them a great selection for anyone looking to experience something new with friends or dear ones.

Your trip begins from Kathmandu airdrome with a helicopter moving eastwards, flying to the Himalayan range, enabling splendid panoramas of the towering Himalayan summits. After landing at Lukla for fueling you’ll fly to the airfield in Syangboche to have banquet at a good hotel. From Syangboche you could have tourism helicopter trip closer to Mt, Everest and all the magnificence of Himalayas such as Pumori, Amadablam, Cho Oyu in the Khumbu province.

Syangboche, a small Sherpa village and one of the well-known venues for globe’s highest skydiving event Everest Skydive, lies in a straight line on top of Namche Bazaar. There’s small take off & landing airfield at the place. From here traveler can enjoy close sights of AmaDablam, Pumori, Mount Everest, Lhoste and Nuptse.

You’ll fly across the scenic Himalayan ranges that are generally capped with snow. As you travel through you’ll be watching clear sight of Gosaithan, Gaurishanker, Chugimago, Melungtse, and other well-known peaks like Cho Oyu and Numbur as approach Syangboche airfield. From Syabgboche one can witness the grand Mt.Everest and picturesque Amadablam. There are also plenty of treks that can be witness only from a helicopter.

We at Nepal Himalayas Trekking take care of each and every tour need of our guests. We have both experience and resources to guide you in even the toughest track of Himalayas. From airport pick up to hotel booking we handle everything only for the convenience for our guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and see what travel packages we have on store for you. Wish you a happy Journey!

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Are you excited to plan a trip that’d rage the expectations of a startling adrenaline pumping trip? If yes, then its time to pack your luggage for a Nepal trip. There’s nothing that can match the incredible beauty of Nepal. The extreme splendor would blow away your mind.

Why Nepal?

With an unbelievable sense of Nature, the country of Nepal brings you closer to the Mother Nature. You’d feel connected right from the moment you landed in the nation. Of course, Nepal is well-known as a mountain climbing or hiking destination. Nevertheless, the exquisiteness of this country detains you more than anything else. There’re many hiking destinations to visit where you can meet your passion for adventure.

Best trekking destinations in Nepal:

No doubt, you’d wish to try trekking when you’re in Nepal. There’re quite a few places that offer you the best alternative of hiking in Nepal. You’d discover the best peak hiking in Nepal around Mount Everest. There’re a lot of hikers that get together at the base camp and plan a hike. There’d also be planned hikers but it’s a lot more exciting to get together in a large group when you’re hiking. Everest panorama trekk can be quite risky and you’d be better of hiring a travel guide assisting you travel everywhere you want. Having a local tour guide is important since they’d be able to offer you the best feasible tracks to the peak of the mountain and also the best possible paths to reach at the top. A local tour guide would have better idea regarding different places to take rest and best location for sightseeing.

How to plan your trip?

There’d be the obvious issue of finding the best deals when you’re touring to Nepal. There’d be several costly packages that mightn’t offer you the best worth for your money. So a smart concept would be to get together in a large group and then plan for your trip. It’d be rather easy picking the best deals by taking a large group throughout your booking. You can even get great discounts and added bonus by doing so.

How to get ready for the trip?

Tourists always should check out the weather condition prior to they go move for a trip to Nepal. There’re dangers of extreme rain and cold. So ensure you understand the climate prediction before you tour. It would be good to pack some winter clothes to survive the cold condition.

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For an adventure aficionado, it is fun to hike the rugged, slippery mountains. If you are one of those people who just can’t live without adventure, then the Everest base camp trekking is tailor-made for you. The Base Camp at Mt Everest is like a paradise for the adventurers who just wish to live in heights.

Mt Everest is not just a thrilling place for the adventure lovers where they can climb up to a demanding height of 18,000 feets, but it is also a place where one can enjoy the incredible beauty of nature. Tourists to this place always admire and take pleasure in this atmosphere. You must not miss a chance of Everest panorama trek.

Everest panorama trek

There’re 2 base camps on the reverse sides of Mt Everest. One is placed in the south of Nepal, while the situated in the North in Tibet. These camps are known as the resting places from where the climbers begin their further trip towards the peak. The northern base camp can be accessible via roadways in the months of summer. Usually, this difficult place forces climber to use to elemental abilities of the muscles & stamina of course.

At base camp, height allergy may be occurred by low amount of oxygen availability. However, the climbers will get used to this condition. The main and most crucial principle in high altitude hiking is that climbs but descends to rest. The climb further decreases the oxygen amount in the environment. This has an effect on the stamina and strength of the hiker. Therefore, to climb the Everest you need stamina and strong will power than anything else.

Today, hiking & trekking the Mt Everest is the most popular adventurous activity for adventure aficionados worldwide. Both men and women of bold and adventurous in nature love to trip here quite regularly. There are also many travel agencies that offer Everest helicopter tour for those who want to experience all the adventures from the air.

Everest helicopter tour

If you are looking for a reliable travel agency that offer convenient and affordable Everest base camp trekking, then the internet can surely help you resolve this matter. You just need to type the keyword “best trekking agency Nepal” and you will find several service providers to choose from. However, you should take your time to come with the best and most reliable travel agency in Nepal. So, don’t be too late! Go online and start your search now!

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