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Alluring approximately seventy thousand trekkers every year by its mixture of natural & cultural display, the Annapurna Base Camp trek is no doubt the most exceptional trekking routes of the globe. Stands at an elevation of 13,549ft, the Annapurna Base Camp trek entice trekkers worldwide. Down the path, oak, rhododendron and pine woodlands harmonize the wealthy cultural lives of the tribal Magar and Gurung villages.

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During your Annapurna Base Camp Trek, not just you’ll discover the bottom of the tenth tallest peak in the globe (Annapurna I is 8,091m), but also discover the custom that booms in the picture-perfect environment of the Annapurna massif. In fact, this trek will take you to a voyage of open cultural & lifestyle museums that greets tourists with some of the magnificent Himalayan panoramas.

Envisage awaking early in the morning with cool wind. When come out of your lodge, the very 1st thing you’ll witness is the lovely Himalayan summits painted golden and red by the daybreak sun. There’s no superior way to awake than the magnificent sights of sun beams painting the Himalayan summits. It’s no wonder that trekkers who hike the Annapurna region would like to come back again to trek is splendid trails.

The months between Mar to May and Sep to Dec are the ideal months to hike the Annapurna province. The days are warm & nights are usually chilly with chilled winds. Those who’re keen to fight the bitterly cold can trek in the months of Jan and Feb. The recent earthquake in Nepal hasn’t done any significant damage to the Annapurna region.

The sparkle of the cold wind and the splendor of the hills colored by the morning sun rays will escort the early morning trek. Your day’s trek includes navigating several picture-perfect hills, woodlands, mountains and also the local villages.

You can spend the evenings as per your wish, be it reading books in peace, chatting with fellow trekkers, or trekking staff. The porters and Sherpas have fun singing and dancing and you can always join them. You will have a lot of fun before you finally decide to pass out and recharge yourself for the next day!

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If you already have enjoyed trekking Annapurna base camp before, you may like to try the Ghorepani Poon hill trekking which offer easy routes. Basic physical fitness can help you trek the Ghorepani Poon Hill. Last but not the least, don’t forget to take all the essential trekking accessories such as gloves, trekking stick, hiking boots and weather proof jacket among others.

Is trekking adventure what fascinates you the most? If yes, then it’s time to move Nepal – the ultimate trekking destination. There are no shortages of trekking destination in Nepal and the Mansaslu trek is definitely one of the crowd pullers. So, let’s talk about Manaslu trek a bit briefly.

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Who’d relish the Manaslu Trek?

Possibly a majority of tourists would relish the trek but particularly those who’re fascinated in culture, want to avoid the heavy crowd, and are ok to negotiate on comforts to explore the authentic Nepal. For those missed the Everest base camp trekking or Langtang trek, they will love this trek for sure.

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What permits do you require for the Manaslu trek?

• Restricted Area Permit: US$ 70 per week and $10 per day extra.

• Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) permit: NRs. 2,000

• Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) per: US$10mit: NRs. 2,000

How much it will cost to trek Manaslu?

• As mentioned earlier, the permit will cost Rs 4000 for MCAP and ACAP per person and for restricted area US$70 per week.

• A trekking guide may cost at least $15 per day, a porter at least $10 per day

• Food & accommodation are generally merged in the bill and can cost anywhere from Rs 1000 at lower altitude and up to Rs 2000 at Larkya Phedi.

Can I trek Manaslu alone/independently?

As per the guidelines, you should hike as a group of at least 2 and be escorted by a licensed guide. Tourists often purchase an additional permit for a “ghost trekker” and then go independently with their guide. To accomplish this you require a true passport from a true person.

Is it tough to trek Manaslu?

Climbing Manaslu is no longer a tough trek as it used to before. There have been new routes that considerably decrease the hiking involved and diminish the exposure. Whilst some routes are fantastically open, high above the Budi Gandaki River, the tracks are ideal for hiking. Nonetheless, you need to be fit enough since there will be loads of up & down, but there’s nothing to worry about.

When to trek Manaslu?

The chief hiking seasons are from Mar to May and Sep to Nov. This is because of the monsoon season, a phase of never stopping precipitation that sinks the area from June through Aug. The frosty Himalayan winter also make traveling this province despondent, if not unfeasible, throughout the early months of the year. Due to this fact, more than half of the annual two thousand tourists to Manaslu make their touring in October.

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