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No doubt Nepal is one of the most visited countries in this world. Though small in dimension, this tiny country has everything to allure sightseers from each and every country of the globe. It does not matter whether you are nature lover or passionate about hiking, Nepal has plenty of resources to meet the needs of tourists of every kind. If you want to experience the best of Nepal, then considering a helicopter tour over the Himalayas might be a good option for you.

Taking a helicopter trip over the Himalayas is truly a superb adventure, filled with breathtaking scenery and great peaks. You can witness from air the incredible panoramas of the Himalayas. The variety of destinations for Everest helicopter tour in Nepal make them a great selection for anyone looking to experience something new with friends or dear ones.

Your trip begins from Kathmandu airdrome with a helicopter moving eastwards, flying to the Himalayan range, enabling splendid panoramas of the towering Himalayan summits. After landing at Lukla for fueling you’ll fly to the airfield in Syangboche to have banquet at a good hotel. From Syangboche you could have tourism helicopter trip closer to Mt, Everest and all the magnificence of Himalayas such as Pumori, Amadablam, Cho Oyu in the Khumbu province.

Syangboche, a small Sherpa village and one of the well-known venues for globe’s highest skydiving event Everest Skydive, lies in a straight line on top of Namche Bazaar. There’s small take off & landing airfield at the place. From here traveler can enjoy close sights of AmaDablam, Pumori, Mount Everest, Lhoste and Nuptse.

You’ll fly across the scenic Himalayan ranges that are generally capped with snow. As you travel through you’ll be watching clear sight of Gosaithan, Gaurishanker, Chugimago, Melungtse, and other well-known peaks like Cho Oyu and Numbur as approach Syangboche airfield. From Syabgboche one can witness the grand Mt.Everest and picturesque Amadablam. There are also plenty of treks that can be witness only from a helicopter.

We at Nepal Himalayas Trekking take care of each and every tour need of our guests. We have both experience and resources to guide you in even the toughest track of Himalayas. From airport pick up to hotel booking we handle everything only for the convenience for our guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and see what travel packages we have on store for you. Wish you a happy Journey!

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Are you excited to plan a trip that’d rage the expectations of a startling adrenaline pumping trip? If yes, then its time to pack your luggage for a Nepal trip. There’s nothing that can match the incredible beauty of Nepal. The extreme splendor would blow away your mind.

Why Nepal?

With an unbelievable sense of Nature, the country of Nepal brings you closer to the Mother Nature. You’d feel connected right from the moment you landed in the nation. Of course, Nepal is well-known as a mountain climbing or hiking destination. Nevertheless, the exquisiteness of this country detains you more than anything else. There’re many hiking destinations to visit where you can meet your passion for adventure.

Best trekking destinations in Nepal:

No doubt, you’d wish to try trekking when you’re in Nepal. There’re quite a few places that offer you the best alternative of hiking in Nepal. You’d discover the best peak hiking in Nepal around Mount Everest. There’re a lot of hikers that get together at the base camp and plan a hike. There’d also be planned hikers but it’s a lot more exciting to get together in a large group when you’re hiking. Everest panorama trekk can be quite risky and you’d be better of hiring a travel guide assisting you travel everywhere you want. Having a local tour guide is important since they’d be able to offer you the best feasible tracks to the peak of the mountain and also the best possible paths to reach at the top. A local tour guide would have better idea regarding different places to take rest and best location for sightseeing.

How to plan your trip?

There’d be the obvious issue of finding the best deals when you’re touring to Nepal. There’d be several costly packages that mightn’t offer you the best worth for your money. So a smart concept would be to get together in a large group and then plan for your trip. It’d be rather easy picking the best deals by taking a large group throughout your booking. You can even get great discounts and added bonus by doing so.

How to get ready for the trip?

Tourists always should check out the weather condition prior to they go move for a trip to Nepal. There’re dangers of extreme rain and cold. So ensure you understand the climate prediction before you tour. It would be good to pack some winter clothes to survive the cold condition.

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Despite its modest land coverage, the existence of the grand Himalayas, including 8 highest peaks of the globe, have given Nepal an exceptional recognition amongst mountaineers and hikers. In fact, some people named it as the hiking capital of the planet. In this article, we will talk about some finest trekking paths of Nepal.

Everest base camp:

Getting on top of the Everest is every person’s dream, and while mountain climbers dare endanger their life to touch the grand peak, hikers have another test – getting into the Base Camp of this soaring summit, and it isn’t simple. Your greatest panic, while trekking over the mighty Himalayas, isn’t the vertical slopes, wild creatures or the bitter cold; what you should be really frightened of is altitude sickness. However, you can take help of professional trekking agency to experience a hassle-free Everest base camp trekking.

Annapurna circuit trekking:

Just type the keyword “best hiking routes in India” in Google and the search engine will throw you a number of web pages that describing about the enchanting Annapurna circuit trekking province, which flourishes with lush-green plant and incredible mountain vista. For your knowledge, Annapurna represents 30 mountain summits, with, of course, Annapurna I as the 10th highest summit of the globe; its siblings are usually above 7 or 6 thousand meters high. You see, you’re going to make a trip of this incredible mountain land, and alongside the delightful trail, you’ll be sometimes praising the green scenery; sometimes witnessing the unique lifestyle of the hillside rural communities; sometimes gazing at the enticing event of sun setting or rising at the back of the mountains, and quite often, shooting images of the beautiful snow peaks.

Manaslu Base Camp:

Mountaineers and hikers from all over the world came to test their hiking skills in Manaslu Base Camp. While trekking through this spectacular route trekkers will come across several villages, Buddhist temples and picture-perfect landscapes everywhere.

Gokyo Trek:

With 6 holy glacial lakes, the alpine dale of Gokyo never falls short to allure the trekkers with its pictorial exquisiteness. If you love adventure, then this is the trek for you.

Well, to have the best trekking experience in the Grand Himalayas you must hire a renowned trekking agency that has previous experience in this field. Your professional trekking guide will lead you towards a safe and pleasing hiking experience at a reasonable expenditure. So, wish you a happy trekking!

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