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The Annapurna province is the 2nd most admired region for trekking in Nepal with the Everest province being the number one. In spite of Everest’s international reputation, a lot of seasoned trekkers will say that the Annapurna province is overall, more enchanting. Its bio-diversity & extraordinary mountain landscape certainly makes it a precious destination not just for professional hikers but for those who’re just starting to like this outdoor amusement. The Annapurna province provides travelers several classic trekking paths, and Annapurna Circuit trekking.

No doubt the Annapurna Circuit is the most demanding yet rewarding trekking routes in the province. Accomplishing the entire routs require a 17 to 21 day trek. The Annapurna Circuit Trek possesses a variety of awe-inspiring natural sceneries merged with affluent and genuine culture. You’ll not just hike in this circuit but also witness essential religious places and scenic villages. You’ll come across raging rivers, an extensive array of flora & fauna and discover solitude in the snow-covered mountains.

The Annapurna circuit covers 4 provinces, which are Lamjung, Myagdi, Mustang and Manang. Lamjung and Myagdi are placed in a lower elevated region and admired for their scenic valleys and terraced farm lands. By going higher up, you’ll discover Manang and Mustang. The landscape considerably transforms, so is the belief. On these elevated grounds, most dwellers practiced Tibetan Buddhist, though the Manang inhabitants belong to the Gurung family, which has their own cultural legacy.

Hiking the Annapurna Circuit generally follows a counter clockwise movement. You’ll start in Besisahar and conclude in Nayapul. Towards the conclusion of your tour, you’ll also be guided to the peak in the Thorung La Pass, which is 5416 meters in height. The route also enables you to trek through many mountains such as Manaslu, Himal, Annapurna II, Langtang, etc. For many, the main highlight in the Annapurna Circuit is crossing the deepest canyon in the globe, amid the summits of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. And if you didn’t have a good glance at these 2 mountains on the hike, you’ll still have an opportunity when you arrive at Ghorepani Poon hill. You can also enjoy the Ghorepani Poon hill trekking if you love pure adventure.

There’re many travel agencies that can organize the Annapurna Circuit trekking for you. However, each agency have their own trekking packages and charges; so don’t be in rush, take your time to check out with the agents to discover the most appropriate trekking packages that suits both your budget and needs.

For an adventure aficionado, it is fun to hike the rugged, slippery mountains. If you are one of those people who just can’t live without adventure, then the Everest base camp trekking is tailor-made for you. The Base Camp at Mt Everest is like a paradise for the adventurers who just wish to live in heights.

Mt Everest is not just a thrilling place for the adventure lovers where they can climb up to a demanding height of 18,000 feets, but it is also a place where one can enjoy the incredible beauty of nature. Tourists to this place always admire and take pleasure in this atmosphere. You must not miss a chance of Everest panorama trek.

Everest panorama trek

There’re 2 base camps on the reverse sides of Mt Everest. One is placed in the south of Nepal, while the situated in the North in Tibet. These camps are known as the resting places from where the climbers begin their further trip towards the peak. The northern base camp can be accessible via roadways in the months of summer. Usually, this difficult place forces climber to use to elemental abilities of the muscles & stamina of course.

At base camp, height allergy may be occurred by low amount of oxygen availability. However, the climbers will get used to this condition. The main and most crucial principle in high altitude hiking is that climbs but descends to rest. The climb further decreases the oxygen amount in the environment. This has an effect on the stamina and strength of the hiker. Therefore, to climb the Everest you need stamina and strong will power than anything else.

Today, hiking & trekking the Mt Everest is the most popular adventurous activity for adventure aficionados worldwide. Both men and women of bold and adventurous in nature love to trip here quite regularly. There are also many travel agencies that offer Everest helicopter tour for those who want to experience all the adventures from the air.

Everest helicopter tour

If you are looking for a reliable travel agency that offer convenient and affordable Everest base camp trekking, then the internet can surely help you resolve this matter. You just need to type the keyword “best trekking agency Nepal” and you will find several service providers to choose from. However, you should take your time to come with the best and most reliable travel agency in Nepal. So, don’t be too late! Go online and start your search now!

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